Talon provides clients with the IT services needed, in the quantity needed, when those services are needed. The range of services varies based on the size and scope of the client’s operations and the extent to which clients desire in-house versus external resources. Talon meets each client need, augmenting their in-house teams with Talon resources covering specialized services, high-volume areas, and custom managed IT solutions. Talon provides services seamlessly, often incorporating the client’s brand, email, and phone numbers such that IT customers within client networks see no difference between in-house and external Talon resources.

Talon service platforms allow clients to leverage shared resources and call center solutions, reducing their costs over entirely in-house platforms while providing predictable, structured monthly costs. We cover three broad service areas including: healthcare IT solutions, managed IT services, and IT consulting projects. Most are annual or even longer-term arrangements, but shorter-term, project-based engagements are common as well. All Talon services are supported by fully redundant platforms, locations, and staff teams, ensuring client support when needed and in the needed capacity. Talon serves clients throughout the healthcare sector and business industries, finding that working in both areas informs and supports the other making each better.