Our Story

Our story has everything to do with our clients’ stories. We become extensions of their operations, supporting them, understanding their challenges, and making things better with every support call, project, and IT initiative. There’s a great responsibility with our work, and we take it seriously. We understand, consult, and provide answers for IT platforms and applications, but we support people.


Choosing your team, developing each person, and working closely together are critical fundamentals within Talon. Take a moment to see what Talon stands for, including our mission, culture, and focus.


Our mission is to reliably deliver the best possible technology support solutions to help our clients improve IT efficiency and business profitability.

The Three C’s of Talon’s Culture

Reducing the Talon culture to words is challenging. Experiencing the Talon culture is easy. We describe it with three phrases: Customer Focus, Community Involvement, and Commitment to Excellence.


Talon provides Information Technology Solutions to improve business processes. Our clients benefit from industry relationships and our commitment to long-term partnerships.


Talon employees are world-class individuals with a vested interest in our unique culture that encourages personal growth and service to community.


Talon provides the best solutions at the right time at a reasonable cost. We succeed by building long-term, meaningful relationships with all of our clients.


The fundamentals underpinning what we do.

Talon supports every customer call, managed IT service, consulting project, and client engagement with Energy, Clarity, and Answers. This is the trajectory, plan, and motivation behind everything we do.