IT Innovations and Trends

A big question at the start of the pandemic was – “Could work from home actually work?” Many companies were forced to adopt the remote model as the shutdowns took effect. Now with vaccines on the horizon, executives are exploring hybrid models for their employees.

The COVID pandemic is changing business. An organization’s ability to adapt to these changes, is a key predictor of future success.

Technology is no longer supporting business behind the scenes. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology will become much more visible and integral to the success of every company.

The next decade is going to bring more technological advances. Things that only a decade ago seemed like more science fiction have become commonplace. From A.I. to self driving cars, life is changing at a rapid clip due to these trends.

Historically, emerging technologies have been the impetus for change in most business sectors. The pandemic forced early adoption of emerging technologies that will use the next decade to evolve and grow more efficient.

Consumer trends in the digital space are changing more rapidly than ever and leading to uncertainty. In the next decade, companies will need to stay proactive in order to respond to these trends and the associated risks.

2021 will be the year of adaptation. The pandemic brought a shift to how we work and interact digitally. Technology will be a big part of our recovery and how we arrive at a new norm.

COVID-19 pushed the fast-forward button on the evolution of the global economy. The rapid adoption of new technologies are disrupting current assumptions while creating new opportunities for growth.

The world economy shifted overnight during the pandemic. When supply chains and workforces were disrupted, many companies turned to cloud computing as the answer. The cloud will continue to be an essential tool in 2021 due to its scalability and cost efficiency.

The next decade holds the promise of more rapid digital innovation. Which innovations will hold up over time or which will quickly be displaced? Architects of the digital future need to understand today’s trends as well as tomorrow’s opportunities.