Phone Technology Failure Prevents… Nothing from Moving Forward

Contingency Plans Bridge the Gap with a Phone Technology Failure

Talon developed a comprehensive transition strategy for a 35-hospital, Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) with over 13,000 employees across several states, including implementation of full help desk services across clinical and technical support areas as well as patient portal support. Careful planning supported migration of IT support functions to Talon with in-depth reviews conducted for system risks and points of possible failure.

The upfront planning uncovered phone system technology risks put in place by an earlier IT services provider. Talon developed contingency plans should the phone technology fail, and moved forward with the overall IT support plans. The client needed to quickly move forward with the managed IT services move to Talon, deciding to keep the phone system technology in place through the transition. Talon backup systems were put in place.

Full help desk support covering Clinical and Non-Clinical Application and Patient Portal Support migrated to Talon within three weeks and service-level agreement (SLA) metrics were being met in week one of implementation. The day following the go-live date, the telephone technology which had concerned Talon engineers failed. The contingency plan was activated. Within a few hours, the client was migrated to the new Talon communications platform and all services were back in place.

Talon fields roughly 5,500 IT service calls per month for the client with less than 2% abandoned call rates, less than 20 second time to answer, and the IT support service enhancements consistently delivered. The experience underscores the Talon approach, planning for risks directly and indirectly associated with managed IT services transitions.

Client:Midwestern Healthcare Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)
Client Scope:Multi-facility IDN with over 35 hospitals across several states with 13,000 employees
Issue:Migration of large-scale help desk services to Talon encountering a legacy phone technology failure
Talon Services:Clinical and Non-Clinical Application Support. It Consulting. Patient Portal Support. Shared Help Desk Support.
  • Comprehensive plans created for IT support services migration to Talon.
  • Critical systems and risks evaluated for points of possible concern.
  • Legacy phone technology risk identified.
  • Client decision made to retain legacy phone technology to expedite IT services migration.
  • Backup and contingency plans for the phone platform developed.
  • Transition plans implemented with Clinical and Non-Clinical Support in place.
  • Legacy phone technology failure occurred on day two.
  • Contingency plans activated and new telecommunications platform in place in hours.
  • SLA metrics reached in week one.
  • Roughly 5,500 IT service calls handled monthly, meeting and exceeding SLA metrics.
Client Comment:We were really impressed with Talon and the implementation and migration process leading to immediately-recognized service improvement, but we were amazed at how they handled the telecommunications failure with contingency planning that prevented it from derailing the migration.
Epilogue:Managed IT services for Clinical and Non-Clinical Application Support and Patient Portal Support are meeting and exceeding SLA metrics with overall service delivery, supporting the IDN’s IT mission and plans.