Standing Up Patient Portal Support During the Pandemic

A Pandemic Brings Out the Best in Patent Portal Support Implementation

Not surprisingly, Talon’s Patient Portal Support implementation team uses a carefully considered process to address onboarding, ensuring details are covered, questions are asked, and metrics are met. A methodical approach assists the client and Talon, guiding the way forward integrating resources and overcoming obstacles. At other times, clients need a more rapid implementation. The COVID-19 pandemic spiked the call volume for an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) with over 50 hospitals. Existing plans to assign various Managed IT Services to Talon then incorporated an immediate need for help with Patient Portal Support.

Talon’s project implementation team was deployed, gathering appropriate details and onboarding requirements. An accelerated plan was developed, leaving out no necessary steps and considerations to have a fully-operational call center in place within 4 days. The plan was executed meticulously, with the new Patient Portal Support platform meeting service-level agreement (SLA) metrics within the first week.

Approximately 12,000 patient calls are handled each month for the client with less than a 2% abandoned call rate, less than a 20 second time to answer, and higher than a 95% first call resolution rate. Patient satisfaction results are consistently high. As with all customer arrangements, Talon’s Quality Assurance team monitors performance metrics and customer satisfaction, providing regular reports to our client for review and discussion.

The Talon implementation team recognized the onboarding challenges based on the short timeframe, responding with additional resources to meet the client’s need in a challenging environment. Call volume remains high as the IDN’s operational tempo is similarly high in the pandemic period.

Client:Large-Scale Healthcare Integrated Delivery Network (IDN)
Client Scope:Health network with over 50 hospitals across seven states with 60,000 employees
Issue:Immediate need for MyChart patient support services during the pandemic
Talon Services:Patient Portal Support.
  • Plans for integrating Talon within the client’s Managed IT Services platform altered.
  • Immediate full Patient Portal Support required.
  • Talon implementation team deployed, gathering information and charting the path forward.
  • Full-scale call center put in place in 4 days to handle 12,000 calls monthly.
  • Service-level agreement (SLA) metrics met within first week.
  • High patient satisfaction achieved consistently.
Client Comment:Talon met our needs at a challenging time, exceeding expectations for service delivery with a relationship best characterized as a true partnership.
Epilogue:Talon’s Patient Portal Support team continues to take 12,000 calls each month for this client, exceeding service delivery expectations.