Technology Championed 2020 – Don’t Let Budgetary Concerns Diminish Innovation in 2021

2021 Technology Goals. All Businesses Made Them, But Can Your Budget Bring Them to Reality?

At one point or another, 2020 and its many challenges placed a spotlight on every industry. And yet, no matter where focus fell, scrutiny always seemed to linger on the rising demands of its technological capacity. Companies transitioned to remote work, hospitals rushed to set up telehealth, and consumers were left to adopt it all at a rapid pace. With no choice but to evolve, infrastructure divides formed, service delivery fell, and resources were stretched thin. So how do businesses ensure reliable and devoted IT support in 2021 with current capabilities and diminishing budgets?

Foremost – the notion that companies need to address this challenge alone needs to retire with 2020.

In comes managed service providers (MSP). For years companies have been relying on external IT companies to maintain their infrastructure affordably, so why is this not a widely considered solution? One theory is connected to the age-old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. With industrial complacency, if something is working good enough, companies can be hesitant to make changes that will have a lasting impact on their business, even if it will save them money.

Consequently, the saving grace has been the technology sector. Constant innovation has created a shift in methodology, bringing forth the system of placing and maintaining the infrastructure needed to avoid a break in the first place. Unfortunately, to the average enterprise, implementing and sustaining that level of support is pricey and out of reach. This leaves many with no choice but to simply slap a band-aid on any gaps that form, rather than address the issue at the root. So when there is an economical solution that creates and supports a sturdy technological foundation, why is there such slow adoption?

Frankly, this is because the managed services industry is fighting both the age-old stigma surrounding offloading services and the growing concern of possible separation between employees and the IT support they need – especially in an era of users that are so digitally connected. Luckily, neither of these matters have gone unnoticed. As technology adoption rates increased over the years, the quality and amount of support offered by managed service providers grew with them.

When businesses partner with the right MSP today, they see increased employee productivity, a strengthened IT infrastructure, and easy scalability. Even so, not every provider will aim to deliver the best possible technology support solutions. That is why the best solution is a partnership at the foundation, with your MSP acting as an extension of your own company. Our knowledgeable staff here at Talon work every day to enhance each of our clients’ existing support networks while simultaneously improving their IT efficiency and business profitability.

2021 is full of promise and hopeful renewal of all industries – choosing between IT security and meeting your business objectives this year should not have to be a decision made. Bring the focus back to your core competencies while meeting your IT goals by evaluating a partnership with a managed IT services provider. We here at Talon would love to begin a discussion on how we can accomplish your IT goals together.

So what is our 2021 goal? We aim to continue delivering enterprise-class IT services to organizations with budgets of any size.

Talon Healthy IT Services works to design predictable and highly available solutions, ranging from complete turnkey network protection to ala carte consultation services, filling gaps in IT infrastructure and service delivery along the way. Every solution is engineered in just the right measure, seamlessly augmenting our clients’ internal IT resources while ensuring IT efficiency and business profitability.

Whether providing service desk support for healthcare organizations, managed IT services for local businesses, or consulting and project management, Talon commits to the three C’s of our culture.


Talon provides IT Solutions to improve business processes. Our clients benefit from industry relationships and our commitment to long-term partnerships.


Talon employees are world-class individuals with a vested interest in our unique culture that encourages personal growth and service to community.


Talon provides the best solutions at the right time at a reasonable cost. We succeed by building long-term, meaningful relationships with all of our clients.


About Managed IT Solutions for Healthcare:

Talon provides highly customized healthcare IT solutions for health centers and points of care all across the nation. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff augments your support network, answering questions and handling IT issues from patients, staff, and clinical professionals 24/7/365. Refer to Healthcare Sector or fill out our Service Desk Assessment for more details.

About Managed IT Solutions for all Firms:

We provide comprehensive Managed IT Services for our clients, encompassing desktop & system help desk, project management, technology refresh, security, product procurement, and administrative services. For more information, head to Managed IT Services.

About IT Consulting:

All Talon IT consulting projects start with listening. We develop a thorough understanding of your goals, developing a clear scope of work. Many times, this leads to an IT Infrastructure Assessment, working with your team to document the makeup of your IT landscape and its strengths and weaknesses. This paves the way for targeted, well-informed project work. Learn more about our IT Consulting.